INSPIRE Index Polygons – what are they?

INSPIRE Index Polygons allow you to locate registered freehold land and property in England and Wales. Each ‘polygon’ is the indicative legal boundary of a parcel of registered freehold land, on an extract of the Ordnance Survey map with a unique identification (ID) number.

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What to do when a property owner dies

When someone dies there are lots of things to sort out and here at Land Registry we get lots of enquiries about property owned by the deceased. Adam, Customer Service Representative, tries to cover some of the main issues that arise when a property owner dies: Dealing with the deceased’s property can be relatively straightforward but…

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A title deed is a friend indeed

We get lots of enquiries as to the process or background of various functions of Land Registry, so Adam (Customer Service Representative at Land Registry) has volunteered to shed a little light on the subject of title deeds: Historically, title deeds were a series of documents showing how a property had changed hands over time…