Making it easier online

This Christmas, it’s estimated that 83 per cent of British shoppers will do at least part of their Christmas shopping online and you can do most of your land registration work online too.

Assessing government digital services

growing capabilties

For our new digital services to go live on GOV.UK, we need to meet the criteria in the Digital by Default Service standard. Service assessments are completed by a panel – this can include GDS with other trained assessors from across government. As part of our digital journey, we’ve continued to grow our capabilities and…

Local Land Charges: a senior solicitor’s view

Senior solicitor Chris Wilton is a supporter of Land Registry’s Local Land Charges proposals and acting as an adviser on them. He tells us about the relationship his firm has built with Land Registry and how he thinks the proposals will benefit conveyancers and their clients.

Project promotes cross-border conveyancing

We have recently been involved with developing a system aimed at facilitating the conveyancing process across the EU. The project is called CROBECO, which stands for “Cross Border e-Conveyancing”. The second part of this project is drawing to a close, following its closing conference in London on 1 December.

GOV.UK: A quick “how to”

It can take time to get used to a new website. In a previous blog, we talked about how we have continued to develop our new pages on GOV.UK since we went live some three months ago. Here we wanted to give you some quick tips to help you find what you are looking for more quickly.

What’s the benefit of Linked Data?

Linked Data has the power to deliver a web of rich, interconnected information, where data is not just clumps of zeros and ones parked somewhere in a spreadsheet, but a sea of meaningful connections ready for you to use.

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