Revisions to our Price Paid Data

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To release data at the earliest opportunity, we record the Price Paid Data at the initial stage of sale registration. This means that sometimes while processing a case, we identify revisions that need to be made. These revisions are included in the ‘current month’ file.

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World Bank ‘Land and Poverty Conference 2015’ discuss land reforms

At the annual World Bank Land and Poverty conference in Washington DC, land experts from across the globe will debate the links between secure land tenure and prosperity. Julie Barry, Land Registry’s Head of International Relations has been invited to speak about our approach to business resilience to meet our customer demands.

Developing a Digital Charge: the buzz of a fresh challenge

digital charge

What makes a person like me take on a new role that’s so far outside their comfort zone? Firstly there’s the new technology – using MacBooks and whole new systems to learn and navigate around. Then there’s the Agile way of working with scrums and sprints, and trying to understand the language of user experience and…

A new data opportunity for our Property page Beta

A couple of months ago we started the next phase of development for our new digital services. Since then our Beta teams have been busy progressing those services – including the Property page Beta. The Property page will be an individual page on every property in England & Wales on GOV.UK. It will allow people…

Sharing my interest in Agile


I’m Jodie Ware, I’m a Customer Team Leader in Peterborough and I recently spent a day shadowing Paul Chambers, the Product Manager on one of the new digital service projects based in Croydon, to learn about how Land Registry has adopted Agile working. I already had an interest in Agile and wanted to build on…