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Working with Conveyancers at our Digital Mortgage event

Event attendees

A big thank you to the conveyancer customers and their software providers for coming along to our Digital Mortgage event on 20 October.

Our Digital Mortgage service is being built with feedback from Lenders and their Conveyancer agents. The service will support an easy, quick and secure online mortgage experience for homeowners. We plan to launch our public beta in March 2016.

Developing a Digital Charge: the buzz of a fresh challenge

digital charge

What makes a person like me take on a new role that’s so far outside their comfort zone? Firstly there’s the new technology – using MacBooks and whole new systems to learn and navigate around. Then there’s the Agile way of working with scrums and sprints, and trying to understand the language of user experience and…

Have you remortgaged recently? Help us with our research

remortgage research

As part of the plan for our new digital land registration services, we’re looking to see how we can register digital applications online. To help us understand what users need, we’re looking to carry out research across a number of sectors including lenders, solicitors and conveyancers, and homeowners. Are you a homeowner? We’re keen to…

The job of a User Researcher

charges prototype

Another session in the usability suite at Aviation House; the home of Government Digital Service. It’s the 3rd session that we’ve had here and it’s being shared between the Digital Charge and Digital Register View teams.

Making it easier online

This Christmas, it’s estimated that 83 per cent of British shoppers will do at least part of their Christmas shopping online and you can do most of your land registration work online too.

1860s property records released

1862 registers

Land Registry has today (31 March 2014), released details of the first properties registered under the Land Registry Act 1862. Anyone researching a family tree or tracing the history of a property can view or download almost 2,000 records free of charge from Land Registry’s website.

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Reminder that some fees will fall from 17 March

On Monday 17 March our new Fee Order will come into force. We will be introducing: a flat fee for all ‘inspection of documents’ and ‘official copy of document’ (OC2) applications a reduction in the number of fee bands for scale 1 registrations a reduction in the fee for scale 1 registrations of properties priced…

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The Land Registration Act 2002 – 10 years on: charges and priorities

In the fourth of a series on the anniversary of the Land Registration Act 2002, a Land Registry lawyer considers developments in relation to charges and priorities. Background to changes to the registration of charges in the Land Registration Act 2002 The main intended changes to the law relating to charges of registered land were…

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A title deed is a friend indeed

We get lots of enquiries as to the process or background of various functions of Land Registry, so Adam (Customer Service Representative at Land Registry) has volunteered to shed a little light on the subject of title deeds: Historically, title deeds were a series of documents showing how a property had changed hands over time…