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One year ago today we moved to GOV.UK. Since then we’ve had over 3.3 million users and nearly 20 million unique page views.

I joined Land Registry whilst we were working on transitioning the content from our old website to GOV.UK. This was a massive task – and we didn’t just copy the old website across. We worked with GDS to reshape and rewrite the pages based on our users’ needs. To give you an idea of the scale, we had over 60,000 pages on our old website and we now have around 2,000 on GOV.UK.

When we launched on GOV.UK we made sure we were collecting feedback from all our users. Some of the immediate feedback was from customers having difficulty finding information or asking where the old website content was available on GOV.UK. Other comments were specific eg requesting our application forms in a different format. Without this information we wouldn’t be able to make decisions about updates or improvements. Having user feedback has also helped me get a better understanding of who our customers are and how they use our information on GOV.UK.

We receive anonymous feedback from the GOV.UK Feedback explorer tool and feedback from our Customer Contact Centre and customer service teams. We also run user research sessions and receive direct comments from customers. Colleagues around Land Registry also give us important feedback – this can come from someone managing an application, a member of the legal team or someone who manages our commercial services. Before making any decisions to change content, we check feedback against Google Analytics data. This can tell us how our customers are finding and using our information on GOV.UK.

As well as making improvements based on feedback, we try to make our content easier to read and understand. We use plain English and simplify some of the terminology and jargon, eg the language used in our practice guides. We’re also working on a new format for our Portal training guides to give our customers simple and clear instructions. There’s always an improvement to make!

Caroline Kyriazis
By Caroline Kyriazis,
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry