growing capabilties

For our new digital services to go live on GOV.UK, we need to meet the criteria in the Digital by Default Service standard. Service assessments are completed by a panel – this can include GDS with other trained assessors from across government.

As part of our digital journey, we’ve continued to grow our capabilities and recently attended training by GDS to become an assessor. This has given us the opportunity to become part of service assessments within BIS:

Ian Edmunds / Lead Architect (Technical)

“I’ve helped BIS assess a service for UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) provided through the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

The assessment was a great way to sharpen my skills on assessing/interviewing against the standard and invaluable to demonstrate how good a department we are inside the BIS family. I got to lead the technical questioning, provided quality feedback for UKVI and HEFCE, co-authored the report for publication on GOV.UK, and also had the opportunity to network with BIS and Companies House all in one day.”

Andy Graham / Head of Digital Performance Analytics

“I have now sat on the assessment panels of 3 other BIS departments and a mock assessment of the Land Registry Alpha. The experience has helped me to become familiar with the Digital by Default Service Standard. It’s great to see how other departments in BIS have approached similar challenges to the ones we face. It has also been good to have the opportunity to engage with colleagues from across government who are doing similar work to the great things we are doing in Land Registry.”

Angela Jackson / Acting Service Manager

“I have particularly enjoyed participating in mock assessments for Land Registry’s Digital Programme Concept team (May 2014) and Technology Strategy Board as part of the BIS panel (July 2014). It is rewarding to be able to help Departments and teams identify any areas where they may need to have additional focus at an early stage.  This reduces the risk of gaps in approach and of course assists in ensuring success in the end of phase assessment with either GDS or BIS.”

Dave Ankers / Lead Architect

“I’ve helped BIS assess the Orphan Works Licensing Service relating to copyright at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). I also took part in the internal mock assessment for the Alpha.

The IPO service assessment, which included more than three hours of probing and prodding, resulted in a pass – and has now been launched as a Beta service. The assessment team, including assessors from various parts of BIS, were really pleased with the information we’d been given and impressed with the thoroughness of the team’s preparation and presentation.  There was clear evidence throughout that IPO have designed and developed the digital licensing service in line with the service standard.

I personally look forward to being part of more panels in future and learning even more about the awesome work going on across government.”


Land Registry’s assessors will continue to be involved in assessing internal services for BIS, partner organisations as well as assessing publicly accessible services.

Caroline Kyriazis
By Caroline Kyriazis,
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry