I’m Kim O’Flaherty and I work in Information Systems (IS) down here in sunny(ish) Plymouth. I’m a Technical Team Lead / Scrum Master for a team that delivers software work packages using Agile ways of working.

As a team, we’ve delivered loads of different products including migrating correspondence documents to the Cloud and the new Application Enquiry Service. We are currently working on migrating our Portal and Business Gateway services to a new technology platform.

Agile way of working

My job involves planning, mentoring, resolving team problems and blockers, as well as making sure that delivery happens to time, cost and quality standards. My favourite thing about the job is encouraging a great team dynamic by trusting people to find their way around problems but at the same time making sure that they are fully supported. The hardest thing about my job is balancing my day job, meetings, line management and other activities – not to mention working part time and having a family – it all gets done somehow, though.

I am currently the only girl in my team. I don’t think anything of it (apart from when nobody notices my new shoes). Women are still in the minority here in IS (35%) and in general across the IT industry. At Uni, I was one of only 5 women on my course! If I’m honest, I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s the ‘geeky’ image that puts girls off at a young age but of course, there’s absolutely no reason why women can’t have a rewarding career in IT.

Kim O'Flaherty and colleagues

We recently launched a Women’s Network and one of the things we’ve talked about doing is visiting schools and talking to girls (and boys) about IT and the opportunities that it can give them.

Kim O'Flaherty
By Kim O'Flaherty,
Tech Team Leader at HM Land Registry, Plymouth Office