We have started the beta phase of Map Search. This new free-to-use service will enable customers to search a digital map to identify registered and unregistered land, obtain title numbers and details of tenure. It will be accessed through the Land Registry portal.

‘Beta’ is a software development term that means we are testing and improving this new service. The testers accept this is a beta service rather than a finished product that may not contain all the features they would like. The objective of the beta phase is to:

  • Test the usability and design of the beta service developed so far.
  • Test how this service meets the customer’s requirements to obtain registration information.
  • Test the reliability and capability of the Map Search IT platform.
  • Identify and prioritise enhancements to further develop this service.

View a video of the Map Search beta service in action:


This video represents Map Search at 19 November 2013. There will be further enhancements during the beta phase.

We have involved customers at every stage of development, gathering their feedback and making improvements.

To initiate the beta phase, we have invited a small group of business customers to use and test our new free-to-use digital service. If the testing is successful, we plan to widen the beta to a larger group of customers throughout December and January.

If you are interested in participating during this testing phase and have not yet expressed an interest, please contact our Product Development & Management Team at: MapSearch@landregistry.gov.uk

Angela Jackson
By Angela Jackson,
Digital Service Manager at HM Land Registry