We are working to bring you a major update to the Land Registry portal this winter.

The update will enable customers to access nearly every type of completed application to:

  • change the register
  • transfer part of registered land
  • apply for dispositionary first leases

through the portal, even if they send us the application by post. First registration of unregistered land will remain unaffected.

Customers have been able to receive application results electronically for nearly two years with e-DRS. We wanted to take this a step further – Streamlining our application processes and making them more electronic will help to introduce efficiencies and create more opportunities for digital working for us and our customers.

We recently started scanning most paper applications as soon as we receive them. This has given us the opportunity to improve our service for you by providing electronic results for your paper applications.

We have been working with a range of customers to build a new PDF download area on the portal to support this. In the new PDF download area, the results of completed applications you send us through the post will be sent to a single download area for your whole organisation (we refer to this as the “Business Unit”).

The version we are currently testing allows portal users to view all application results for their organisation or to filter by a particular individual in the organisation. Individuals who send applications through e-DRS will continue to receive the result in their own personal PDF downloads area, rather than the organisation-wide download area.

We are still taking account of the comments and suggestions from a range of customers who have been involved in development. It’s not finished but here’s a preview of how we think the PDF download area might look:

Portal screengrab

Our proposed new PDF download search screen

The current test version enables access to any completed application lodged via e-DRS, Information Services, or Network Services as well as any completed application lodged by post when:

  • the application relates to a property already registered with us
  • you supply a valid key number with the application
  • any associated title plans are no larger than A3
  • the application does not include any explanatory or supplementary plans.

If we cannot upload a posted application to the PDF download area, the completed results will come to you in the post as they do now.

These developments are some of the continuing steps we’re taking in our change programme LR Connect, which is our journey to becoming a digital organisation. The changes will help us to make our existing services the best they can be for you. They also lay the foundations for new services we are developing from the ground up with our customers’ needs at their core.

We welcome any feedback customers may have about our services. Please share your views about the new update by leaving a comment below.

Don’t use the portal? You could save time and money with access to e-DRS. You also can make nearly all Information Service applications and find certain property details with MapSearch. Visit our website to find out more.

Antony Hart
By Antony Hart,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry