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I’m a Product Manager working on our new digital services. I’m in the Casework for digital mortgages team – where we are developing a new casework system (our caseworkers manage the processing of land registration applications and registrations). It is important that the new service delivers value and efficiency for Land Registry, and meets the needs of our customers and staff who will be using it as part of their day to day work.

Over the past few weeks we have also been working on the discovery phase to develop a new digital casework system. This will work together with our new Digital Charge (mortgage) service.

The casework system will enable us to simplify the way we process applications to register a mortgage. Many of the basic admin tasks will be handled in a more efficient way. This will give caseworkers the opportunity to focus on applying their technical knowledge to more complex types of application that we receive. Our discovery phase has helped us to get an understanding of what we need to do to achieve this.

So what have we learnt so far? We have been researching what we need to do to start building a system, including learning about the needs of our users, Land Registry’s caseworkers. Our user researchers have been out to a number of Land Registry offices. The team spoke to caseworkers to get a better understanding of what they need for processing a simple mortgage application. It is early days yet, but the casework prototypes we have put together have helped us to gather lots of useful insights into what a new casework system needs to do.

casework prototype

If we get this right, we will deliver something that offers an improved experience for our caseworkers. Helping them to deliver a high quality product to our customers.

So what is next? We will take the user needs that we have identified and look at developing a new prototype that meets these needs. This will be the start of the Alpha phase. We will also be getting a better understanding of the technical aspects of delivering a service that needs to be reliable, secure and is able to adapt to an ever changing Land Registry. It has been an exciting step moving towards becoming a more digital Land Registry.

Shaun Ewings
By Shaun Ewings,
Product Manager at HM Land Registry