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We received more than 1.1 million applications through Business Gateway between April and September – reflecting the increased interest in the business-to-business service from legal software suppliers.

The suppliers have been driving take-up of Business Gateway by law firms across the board – the number with access rising by 50 per cent since April – and we have been busy supporting them as they develop their systems to integrate with ours.

Business Gateway allows customers to seamlessly access our services from within their case management systems (CMS) and automate repetitive processes. There is no need to log into the portal and rekey information.

It offers Register Extract Service and Online Owner Verification as well as the most commonly used statutory services.

Among the law firms to benefit is Advantage Property Lawyers, which has streamlined its processes by removing the rekeying of data and automating the retrieval and retention of documents.

Director Glen Kermode said: “Our conveyancers can now perform these tasks significantly quicker than was previously possible. We have benefited from a reduced risk of common errors through the automatic validation of data before each request.

“The integration between Business Gateway and our case management software has ultimately allowed us to increase efficiencies and free up time to provide an even higher quality of service to our clients.”

Some Business Gateway customers with IT capability develop their systems in-house. The majority of firms gain off-the-shelf access through their legal software supplier.

Suppliers we have recently worked with include:

  • Hoowla, a new online conveyancing software firm based in Swansea
  • Eclipse Legal Systems, who are part of Capita and provide the Proclaim CMS
  • ACS Solutions, whose Title Expert product works with various systems
  • Legal Practice Technologies, the joint venture between the Law Society and Mastek Limited that is developing Veyo, an online conveyancing portal
  • Ochresoft, the conveyancing workflow provider behind Intelliworks
  • Zylpha, who specialise in offering products for Lexis Nexis Solcase and Visualfiles case management system users.

Our website lists all the software suppliers who have integrated with Business Gateway services through either their own CMS or another supplier’s CMS. It shows which firms offer their customers access to Information Services, which firms offer their customers access to electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) and which firms offer access to both.

We do not recommend or endorse any one product or service over another. A supplier will be added to the list once they have proven they can submit either a live Information Services request or an e-DRS application through Business Gateway.

James Rippin
By James Rippin,
Product Manager at HM Land Registry