At the end of last week, Dr Robert Barr tweeted us a question about the data we hold:

Tweet from DrBobBarr

This idea is raised quite often and we’re pleased to say that we’ve been working closely with other parts of the UK Government to ensure our contribution aligns with the rest of the UK Location programme.

For example, anyone can access free cadastral parcels for England and Wales through our INSPIRE service. You can:

We’re also working closely with our professional customers to create a facility that allows customers to search the complete title Index dataset (Indexes for all registered titles). We’re calling the service Map Search, it’s about to move to beta testing and we plan to make it available to professional customers this autumn. If it proves successful, we plan to open the service up to everyone. Find out more about Map Search.

Antony Hart
By Antony Hart,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry