If you’re using our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) you may have noticed the saving from reduced postage and manual processing costs. You may have also noticed a reduction in your paper consumption, but did you know that you can complete all processing elements of form AP1 electronically through e-DRS?

You can:
• send us an electronic AP1 – there’s no need to print a form, complete it by hand, and scan it before sending it
• receive correspondence, (including requisitions) electronically, by adding an email address to panel 7 of the form.

How to complete and send an electronic form AP1

1. Save a copy of form AP1 to your hard drive.
2. Complete the form electronically.
3. Simply type your company name in to panel 15 to sign the form with an electronic signature.
4. Save the form and attach it to your e-DRS application… Simple!


You can enter name of company instead of a signature

How to receive electronic correspondence and requisitions

If you provide an email address in panel 7 of form AP1, we can correspond electronically and send an electronic requisition if there’s a problem. Completing this section consistently and accurately can save paper and time for all of us.


Enter an email for electronic correspondence

Once you’ve sent your first electronic AP1, come back and tell us about your sign-up experience by adding a comment below.

Angela Jackson
By Angela Jackson,
Digital Service Manager at HM Land Registry