To help prevent the registration of fraudulent applications conveyancers must confirm the identity of parties involved in certain types of transactions.

Unfortunately, not all form AP1s lodged with Land Registry are completed correctly.

You must do this by completing panel 12 to confirm you are a conveyancer and then panel 13 which allows for the following alternatives.

  • If a person is represented by a conveyancer you must give the name, address and reference of that conveyancer in panel 13(1) of your AP1.
  • If a person is not represented by a conveyancer you must always insert ‘none’ against the party’s name in panel 13(1).

And then, in panel 13(2), you can either:

  • confirm that sufficient steps have been taken to verify that person’s identity, or
  • provide evidence of that person’s identity in form ID1 or ID2, as appropriate.

Please take care when completing panel 13(2) to indicate which option you have selected.

We may contact conveyancers to check that a form ID1 or ID2 completed in their name is genuine. We therefore recommend that, if you have completed such a form, you keep a record for the person(s) for whom you have verified identity and a duplicate of the photograph you have certified.

Forms FR1 and DS2 contain similar panels, to be completed in the same way. You can find further details of how to complete these forms in Practice Guide 67 – Evidence of identity: conveyancers.

This simple algorithm summarises how to complete form AP1.

Confirmation of identity algorithm

Gavin Curry
By Gavin Curry,
Digital Communications and Editorial Officer at HM Land Registry