Authorise a solicitor

Last week, the Land Registry concept team continued to develop designs and processes to support the existing way of buying or selling a house.

The goal was to facilitate ownership or control of a property title, transferring from seller to buyer. This demonstration used conveyancers to act on behalf of the seller and buyer throughout the transfer of ownership.

The work we did last week illustrated how a robust online identity solution could be integrated into the home buying process. This has helped Land Registry to think about how best to prove identity of those involved and provide better assurance that they have been appropriately authorised to update the register.

At our show-and-tell we also demonstrated how authority could be delegated to conveyancers and how a relationship between two conveyancers could be established.

We also showed how everyone involved in the process (buyer, seller and conveyancers) could be updated throughout the process via their choice of SMS or email.

If you have any questions about authorisation or delegation, please get in touch

Tony Beadle
By Tony Beadle,
Security architect