Business Gateway

I’m the Business Development Manager for Business Gateway, which is an automated service for customer case management systems to access Land Registry property records. It’s used by over 100 of our customers, including MyHomeMove, Optima, Eversheds and others.

As part of my day to day job, I often meet with software providers and end user customers to explain the benefits of developing Business Gateway. A lot of conveyancers now use a casework management system, so by getting the software company to build Business Gateway it’s a win-win situation for all. The customer keeps a software package they are used to but with the enhanced capability Business Gateway offers, for example the returned completed application can pre-populate their casework system, and Land Registry has more applications lodged electronically.

Earlier this year, I met with DPS who design and build practice management software IT solutions for legal businesses at their premises in Enfield. It’s important that we continue to develop our customer systems, and offer integration as Land Registry progresses to its digital future and meets our customers’ needs. DPS Software design and build practice management software and IT solutions for legal businesses.

I had a great chat with the Managing Director, the Marketing Executive and one of the software development team about their systems and how integration with Business Gateway was progressing. They showed me examples of the work done so far and we discussed the different types of applications that customers look at to save time and make efficiencies.

I was then asked to be a guest speaker at the DPS their company User Group Day held at the IBM Centre, near Waterloo Bridge in London. This is an open day for DPS customers to share experiences in their different industries and for DPS to demonstrate their systems and what enhancements they are planning for the future.

I arrived with James Rippin, the Product Manager for Business Gateway, for coffee and networking. There were more than 60 DPS customers present and we met some of them before the presentations started at 10.00am.

Osman Ismail, DPS Managing Director welcomed everybody, then the day really started.  The customer base consists of a variety of customers from high street conveyancers and solicitors, freelance consultants and firms with specialist areas of legal practice.

As usual, my nerves kicked in as my turn to take to the podium arrived only to find that my presentation wasn’t where they thought it was!  Then, just as I was beginning to think I may have to do song and dance routine (not that I would wish that for the attendees!), they found my PowerPoint.

I started with asking how many of the companies were involved in conveyancing and it was a relief when most of them raised their hands (phew!). I gave a general overview of Land Registry, our history and the services now available. I then focussed on Business Gateway and the benefits gained by having a casework management system that is integrated with our systems, such as saving time on double keying entries.

The time flew by and ended with a question and answer session. Thankfully no-one asked anything too technical and they all agreed that conveyancing was only going to become a more digital process along with all Government services. Some companies were ahead of others but all could see the direction that business is going.

One DPS client, with four offices and forty staff, explained how he had changed the company workflows completely. They also integrated the telephone system so that incoming calls populate the caseload records and outgoing calls are automatically dialled by the system. This has enabled them to come through the harder times of the recession and manage the recent increased workload.

Another DPS client had adapted to a cloud-based IT solution allowing them to work with their clients in remote locations and become an almost paperless office.

Several attendees approached James and me during the lunch break to ask  questions about the potential of Business Gateway and how it may assist them. We answered most of their queries and only had to refer one technical question to our IS department before providing an answer.

Since then we have issued the necessary Land Registry certificates to several DPS clients to enable them to access Business Gateway through their DPS software. We can expect to see a range of DPS clients lodging applications via Business Gateway within the next few months. It’s great to be involved and see the benefits of software companies and customers realising the benefits of connecting with Land Registry in a more digital way.

David Lockett
By David Lockett,
Business Development Manager at HM Land Registry