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TM Group is one of the leading providers of data and services to the property market. They work with us and other parties in a property transaction to make it easier, quicker and safer.

As part of their responsibility as a prominent member of the property search sector, they have developed the #convey100 to help recognise the hard work of conveyancers and promote better communication through the use of social media.

We caught up with Jordan Drury, Digital Marketing Manager to find out more about #convey100.

Firstly, what is #convey100?

The #convey100 is a weekly leaderboard for conveyancers, with the top 100 firms ranked every Friday based on how influential they’ve been on social media over the previous week.

Why did you set it up?

In early 2014, we realised that there were a lot of conveyancers using Twitter and other social media channels to connect with their clients – and leaderboards existed for other industries too – but there wasn’t anything like it for conveyancers.

We thought it was important to recognise the hard work of so many conveyancers that have seen the need for them to be active on social media and we also wanted to promote better communication through the use of technology.

How have you seen its uptake amongst conveyancers?

It’s been fantastic – there are currently more than 250 conveyancers eager to join the coveted list each week but we only tweet rankings to the top 100.

Social media leaderboard for conveyancers

Screenshot of the top 10 from 27th Nov 2015

Have you had any feedback about #convey100?

We have a lot of feedback each week and, as it turns out, conveyancers are surprisingly competitive! The great thing about social media is how instant the response is so we do get some cheerful tweets back (and some disappointed ones too) but we’ve really got to know a lot of players over the past 18 months.

It’s also highly anticipated: we publish the results at around 2pm every Friday and if it’s even an hour late, we have a number of people chasing us to see where they’ve ranked.

Do you use the leaderboard for anything else? What do conveyancers get from being at the top?

Aside from the bragging rights you get from being ranked higher than the firm next door, the leaderboard is a good guide for how effective your communication has been with clients on social media.

The more you interact with people, rather than just posting news, the better your ranking will be so it’s a very useful measure.

We also have rewards for top players from time to time so look out for those!

What are your thoughts about using social media to engage with customers – why should more conveyancers be using it?

We’re all consumers and more and more of us are using social media to connect with companies now, whether it is to learn more about a law firm before enlisting their services or for troubleshooting when your TV box stops working.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook give conveyancers the opportunity to present a human face to their potential and existing clients, as well as giving them a platform to demonstrate their expertise and how easy it is to contact them.

It’s also a vital way for firms to monitor client feedback, giving them a great source of honest opinions from customers that can help improve service.

Furthermore, as the #convey100 shows, social media levels the playing field for large and small law firms alike, and we have a number of smaller firms competing with national companies for the top spots.

Thanks Jordan!

What do you think of the leaderboard? Are you on it? Tweet us at @HMLandRegistry or leave a comment below!

Nana Crawford
By Nana Crawford,
Social Media Officer at HM Land Registry