The idea of an ‘open day’ was a new initiative by the Customer Engagement Team in Coventry as a way of welcoming our customers to interact with us, especially given the recent push to sign up firms to our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS).

The response to the initial invitational mail was great, with a number firms expressing interest. This was then followed by formal invitations resulting in a final list of 50 firms and 90+ people.

The event was over two days, and both followed pretty much the same format; kicking off with an opening address by Jon Madley (Coventry Office Operations Manager) explaining how the office is set up, followed by an e-DRS presentation. After a quick coffee break, our in-house lawyers, Naomi West and Paul Hodges and technical referees Howard Slegg and Roy Cruse all gave short presentations. Mr Roy Cruse was the star of the show, described by solicitors as ‘a legend’, ‘the bald fella with tattoos’ or the ‘the ex-army bloke’. Needless to say, this went to his head and on Tuesday he demanded his own dressing room.


Lunchtime was a time for the team leaders to ‘network’ and, after early afternoon sessions on Marketing and Map Search, the attendees were encouraged to talk individually to Lawyers and the SCT (all our technical referees who make up the Senior Casework Team) and attend ‘live demos’ of SIMS, e-DRS, EPA and Official Searches in the Godiva Suite.

At the end of the two days, we had welcomed 83 attendees from 46 firms.

It was a lovely surprise for the organising committee to see how enthusiastic the attendees were to see the office and just how engaged they were throughout the day. There is no doubt from their comments that they hold the office in high regard and are very impressed with their customer teams.

The majority of the attendees were extremely keen on both e-DRS and Map Search. Hopefully, in the coming weeks the Customer Engagement Team and e-DRS champions will be able to make headway in explaining the products to more customers, indeed there already appears to have been an upsurge in the use of e-DRS.

The only thing left to say is a thank you to all the organising committee and all of our visitors on the day, We hope to run similar sessions soon. Your thoughts on format and location are most welcome.

By AdamH,
Customer Service Representative at HM Land Registry Head Office