At the recent Inside Government Unlocking the Benefits of Open Data in the Public Sector event, Land Registry receive praise for good data release practices.

Katie Gordon-Smith, Head of Business Development and Marketing

Katie Gordon-Smith, Head of Business Development and Marketing

The annual event which attracts speakers and delegates from across central and local government provides an important forum that explores and progresses open data in the public sector.

Speaking about Achieving Transparency and Inspiring Innovation through Publishing Big Sets of Data, Katie Gordon-Smith, Head of Business Development and Marketing shared how Land Registry is transforming from a purely registration organisation into one that also prides itself on its data capabilities.

The journey that started with a small portfolio of data products and multiple freedom of information (FOI) requests for Transaction data, has matured into a robust data release framework. We now have a defined data strategy, release several datasets each year, and have an ambitious release schedule with a commitment to release all our licensable data by 2018.

The formal release of the Dataset Inventory in April 2013 was a defining moment in our history. Customers and stakeholders could for the first time, see a list of all the electronic data we hold and request the release of datasets that could benefit their business. This feedback has been used to identify data priorities and will help shape the release schedule of our remaining 24 datasets.

At a time when economies across Europe are contracting, open data releases are still considered one way to stimulate economic growth. Our data has been shown to unlock innovation when it is combined with data from other government and non-government organisations. Citizens, entrepreneurs, organisations and businesses have been inspired to develop new applications and services that benefit economic growth.

We are proud of what we have achieved over recent years, but we recognise there is still more we can do. As part of our commitment to the Transparency Agenda, we will release three new datasets by spring 2015. We will also create a new Data Forum in the New Year to keep you abreast of planned data developments and allow you to share views.

We are passionate about data innovation, so we will continue to work with government departments that back initiatives like the GeoVation housing challenge, which stimulate new data applications and services that benefit the wider community. In addition we will share our expertise and technical best practice with countries who want to develop their own land administration systems.

Jackie Lynch
By Jackie Lynch,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry