A 6.30am start today to meet the video company who are filming an internal video demonstrating efficiencies in processing electronic applications rather than paper applications delivered in the post. I wasn’t the most popular person in the office, as when you walk round with a TV camera, everyone wants to avoid you for some reason!

In amongst filming, I managed to touch base with my team, Customer Team 3 at Croydon, to check what our intake of work was for the day.  An average team probably consists of about 20 people, who are expected to deal with everything their customers need, such as first registrations, leases, searches of the index map, official copies, general correspondence and telephone enquiries.

Once I had helped the team re-jig a few priorities for the day and find the correct level of resource I was able to return to the filming.   We completed this by late morning and then I attended a video conference with colleagues from Telford and Nottingham offices to arrange further customer open days.

The open days allow customers to visit one of our offices and learn about the latest digital services we have to offer such as e-DRS and MapSearch. Customers can also take the opportunity to discuss any casework issues and ask more general questions of senior caseworkers. We have held some successful open days over recent months at our offices in Telford, Gloucester, Coventry, and Wales.  A particular priority is to try and put some open days on at Croydon office for our South Eastern customer base.

During my lunch break, I learned some valuable life skills at the office “Lunch and Learn” sessions put on for us. A St Johns Ambulance volunteer was on-site to teach us some basic first aid skills that I hope I will never have to use! Approximately 25 staff used their lunch break to attend and the session was well received.

I’ve been working at HM Land Registry for over 14 years, and been in a customer-facing role for the past five. I really enjoy the variety of my job and being able to meet our customers face to face. Which is just as well as it’s up early again tomorrow to travel to our Durham office to deliver two presentations at their customer open days.

Kris Derry
By Kris Derry,
Customer Team Leader at HM Land Registry, Croydon Office