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It’s May and we’re 6 months into our apprenticeship with Land Registry. It’s been a real rollercoaster and I’ve learned more about business and government than I ever imagined.

Fellow apprentice Olivia Roe and I have taken an opportunity to glimpse into the world of our Operations Manager and be part of the team that’s planning the next apprentice development day. We were chosen alongside 6 other apprentices, in 3 other offices to create a day when apprentices come together, network, share ideas and best practice. It also provides us with an opportunity to gain a wider perspective of the business and continue to develop and expand our knowledge and skills.

The team got together for a video conference with Kate Ayliffe (Organisation & Employee Development Consultant) and Shane Bartlett (Operations Manager) to throw some ideas around and pick a theme for the development days. We got to know each other and explored our initial thoughts, we fed this back to the apprentices in each office to see what they thought. This helped us plan a day specifically around them and their needs.

We were surprised at how much responsibility we had been given with planning the day. This included organising the location, the date, who would be attending, transport and most importantly – the food! This was much harder than we expected, as we had different views and opinions and it would have been impossible to implement everything.

Transport was a big problem. With apprentices as far south as sunny Plymouth and us here in Nottingham, we had to figure a way out for everyone to meet in a middle. The solution to this was meeting at the Gloucester Office!

With regular video conferences and meetings, we planned a rough agenda for the day with a theme of personal development. The day will include a competencies workshop which will help us progress further within Land Registry if any recruitment opportunities arise. The OCDS (Operations Change Delivery and Support Team) will be giving a talk on the new system changes that will affect the way we work and provide a wider overview of the business. Also, there will be Executive Board presence at both development days to give us a wider perspective of Land Registry and show their support for the apprentices.

Most importantly, it will give us a chance to meet and bond as a group, get to know each other and share our experiences of Land Registry. We look forward to the days we have planned and hope all apprentices gain something from the day. We’ll let you know how we get on.

Aaron Devos
By Aaron Devos,
Apprentice, Land Registry