Most of our customers now send us more of their land registration applications online through our portal than they send us through the post. We’re delighted they do, because we prefer receiving them electronically in this increasingly digital world. This drives us to continuously improve the portal. We plan to enhance the PDF download area in the portal, and to introduce a new portal service ‘e-Despatch’ in mid-July.

e-Despatch screenshot

e-Despatch screenshot

With e-Despatch, customers will receive most of their application results (except First Registrations) electronically in their portal account – even if they sent the application to us on paper through the post.

Towards the end of last year we introduced front-end scanning of applications. Front-end scanning allows us to route and process most types of application electronically. It has also unlocked the potential to return most application results to customers electronically (except for first registrations).

We’ve been developing e-Despatch since last summer. You may remember our blog from October 2014, where we said we planned to introduce e-Despatch last winter? The customer feedback we received while testing the service was so valuable that we kept making improvements based on what the testers were telling us. So, while the solution will arrive later than expected, it’s going to be the best it can be thanks to all the ideas and support our customers have given us. Taking the time to test and develop a service with its users has been successful in the past, for example, our Property Alert service won the Civil Service Innovation award and a Real IT award last year.

When we introduce e-Despatch, customers who have portal accounts will receive electronic applications results instantly. The electronic audit trail will improve security. Customers who do not have a portal account will continue to have completed applications returned to them through the post.

Enhancements to the portal download area include:

  • the ability to search against your (customer) reference;
  • a new Business Unit download area;
  • a new ‘paper applications’ download area;
  • a link to perform a new search direct from the results screen;
  • the ability to see when an item has already been viewed;
  • an improved search against another user’s downloads; and
  • information on how to set up an RSS feed to get immediate notification of a completed application.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll post updates on our blog offering more detail on each enhancement and what it will mean for you.

We’re also preparing a short demonstration video that will share images of the new screens in use, details of the changes and how customers can get the most from them.

e-Despatch will take us a step closer to becoming a more digital organisation – helping us to prepare for the new digital services we’re currently developing from the ground up.

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Catherine Davison
By Catherine Davison,
Customer Team Leader at HM Land Registry, Telford Office.