In September we issued an update on our work to create a single definitive UK House Price Index with the other producers of official house price statistics,

Today the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published the result of that work, a consultation document outlining the proposal for the creation of a definitive House Price Index for the UK.

Land Registry heatmap

Land Registry property price heatmap – showing annual price change by county

The consultation will run from today for 9 weeks, ending just before Christmas. During that time the departments involved will host a series of workshops which will be open to all, to discuss the proposed changes and the impact that will have on existing consumers of HPI data. Workshops will be held in several locations around the UK, look out for dates in forthcoming blog posts.

The results of the consultation will help us to understand and confirm what our customers need from a national index. We are hopeful that the new offering will be available in early 2016.

The consultation documentation can be found on the ONS website and queries should, in the first instance be directed through them.

Chris Jones
By Chris Jones,
Data Analyst at HM Land Registry