A member of staff working on the LLC Programme for Land Registry at an event

We’ve been invited to go to a Devon & Somerset Law Society (DASLS) event on Wednesday 9 March at Exeter Racecourse to discuss how Land Registry is developing new digital services.

The event will give members an update on the latest strategic developments to support conveyancing. It will also be an opportunity to raise any questions or concerns.

DASLS aims to be the leading local law society in England and Wales. They encourage and support innovation, integrity and leadership in the legal profession, and provide a strong focus for lawyers in the region.

What will we be talking about?

Local Land Charges (LLC)

  • Land Registry will deliver a single LLC register for England. In doing so we will provide a central, digital service for LLC by consolidating 326 local authority registers into a single register. We will also digitise records currently held in a range of formats so that the whole register will be accessible online.

Electronic Document Registration System (e-DRS)

  • An overview of e-DRS with an explanation on how to access the ‘Daylist’ and benefits of this prior to e-lodgement and progress of applications after lodgement. There will also be a demonstration of the benefits of our award-winning MapSearch service.

Digital Transformation

  • Our Digital Transformation programme is developing new digital services based on user needs and user centred design. The new Digital Register service is one of these services and will help users find the land and property information that is most important to them.


  • We will share information about common reasons for requisitions and provide advice and guidance on how to avoid them.

If your law society is holding a similar event and you would like us to present then please contact llcproject@landregistry.gov.uk

Duncan Keary
By Duncan Keary,
Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry