Digital by default

Paul Chambers is leading a new project that supports the government’s aim to create ‘digital by default’ services. This is a time for evaluation, analysis and fresh thinking. Below is the first in a series of posts, where we will be providing a regular update on the progress of the concept. Paul explains more below:

We’re a small team working with Government Digital Service, looking at our current processes and systems, whilst testing new technologies which may have the ability to improve our customer experience.

The aim isn’t to produce a finished service but to explore the possibilities and provide Land Registry with valuable lessons about building customer-focused  digital services.

The concept objectives:

  • identify and prioritise the needs of users both  inside and outside of Land Registry
  • demonstrate a trustworthy digital service which is suitable for a state-guaranteed, definitive source of property and land ownership data
  • demonstrate the possibility for integrating new systems
  • prove the new systems could be used by external individuals and companies, including those collating open data
  • explore different payment services
  • demonstrate the implications of becoming a GOV.UK  service for users of existing Land Registry services

We’re working in weekly projects, enabling us to quickly build and show potential users how digital services may look in the future

We’ve just completed our second week and shared the results with some of our staff at a show-and-tell event at our Head Office in Croydon. This week demonstrated how records in the register could be updated easily and securely. Our third week is now underway and we are focused on how users will search and find properties. This will help us answer the question of how we might store our geographic data in the future.

We will be posting more blogs over the coming weeks but in the meantime if you any questions about the concept, please get in touch with Paul.

Paul Chambers
By Paul Chambers,
Product Manager at HM Land Registry