LR Connect

HM Land Registry is continuing its journey to become a digital organisation through a new change programme LR Connect. The transformation will deliver our business strategy – covering everything we do: offering new digital services, changing our culture and capabilities and becoming a more efficient organisation. Our aim is to become a leader in digital land registration, data and other land and property services.

To become a future digital land registry, we need to look at how we can use technology to improve what we do, and make it easier and more efficient for our customers to interact with us. Along with enhancing our existing digital services, streamlining processes and looking at what we can automate – we’ll be developing new digital services and tools (from the ground up) designed around customer needs. It will be a continuous and evolving journey working with customers, the Government Digital Service and other suppliers and stakeholders.

Digital journey

Throughout our transformation, we’ll continue to safeguard the integrity of the register – it will always be our priority to ensure the security of the data we hold is not compromised and we will continue to aspire to the highest level of customer service.

As part of the LR Connect programme, we’ll also be looking at what we can provide to the market to make property transactions easier, quicker and cheaper – this includes legislation for HM Land Registry to become the sole registering authority for Local Land Charges in England and Wales.

It’s important to involve our customers, staff and stakeholders on our digital journey – we’ll be working together to explore what the digital services will look like in future. We’ll continue to test and learn with them – informing and supporting everyone as we transition to become a digital organisation.

For any queries or to get involved please tweet @HMLandRegistry with #LRConnect or email

More LR Connect updates coming to the blog soon.

Caroline Kyriazis
By Caroline Kyriazis,
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry