We aim to provide straightforward digital services for all our customers – business and the general public. We are enhancing our online services following customer feedback.

Our online service hours for business customers using portal and Business Gateway services have been extended. Services are now available from 6.30am to 11pm every day, including bank holidays.

Save time and money now that we have increased the file size upload to 2MB for applications. This means that you won’t need to upload so many manually.

It is also easier to sign up to our electronic Document Registration Service: e-DRS, the faster and more cost effective way to submit and receive applications, as there is no longer a need for a Network Access Agreement.

We have set up a support forum, where you can ask questions and share ideas about our online services.

And finally, our public services Find a Property giving information about more than 23 million registered properties in England and Wales is available 24/7.

Keep updated on this release and other technical information on the @LRTechSupport  Twitter feed.

hands using keyboard to illustrate using digital services

Simon Higgins
By Simon Higgins,
Senior Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry