On 28-30 September 2014 Chișinău, Moldova hosted the EuroGeographics 2014 General Assembly.

EuroGeographics represents the European National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities. By providing a single point of contact, they enable government, business, and citizens to benefit from their collective expertise, products, and services. Their mission is to further the development of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure through collaboration in the area of geographical information, including topographic information, cadastre, and land information.

There are 61 members of EuroGeographics from 46 countries and they hold a permanent office in Brussels, allowing them to forge fantastic communication links with the European Commission.

I am proud to announce that HM Land Registry will become even more active in the organisation by starting a 2-year term on the management board. Great Britain holds a permanent representation on the EuroGeographics board shared between Ordnance Survey and HM Land Registry. Dr. Andrew Trigg will become the UK permanent representative on the board until 2016.

‘I believe this new position will be a great opportunity for HM Land Registry’ said Andrew ‘it provides us with a voice in Europe within a large and active land and mapping community’.

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We are members of several international bodies that work on global policy and practice including:

  • EuroGeographics;
  • Centro Internacional de Derecho Registral (CINDER);
  • European Land Registry Association (ELRA);
  • European Land Information Service (EULIS);
  • Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the European Union (PCC); and
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

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HM Land Registry data is collected or generated while delivering public services. We make a range of core reference datasets available, such as Cadastral parcels in line with the Data Strategy Board and the Public Data Group. Our dataset inventory lists the full range of datasets we hold.

Julie Barry
By Julie Barry,
Head of International Relations at HM Land Registry