At the end of this month (October) we say goodbye to what was once a mainstay of the way we do business with our customers: the credit account.

We took the decision to withdraw our credit account facilities earlier this year. Since then we’ve encouraged the remaining 1,000 credit account holders to switch to paying their fees by variable direct debit.

Variable direct debit is a more efficient way of managing fee payment for our customers and for us.

Fees are correctly assessed and applications are no longer delayed because the fee is outstanding. The direct debit instruction can be cancelled at any time.


What do our customers say?

Our variable direct debit customers quickly appreciate the advantages of switching payment method.

Bonnie Frecklington of Langleys Solicitors in Lincoln says: “We get an invoice daily which sets out all the payments that are due to go out of our account by direct debit – no more issues with lost cheques or payments not being received by Land Registry.”

Optima Legal says: “Making the move to variable direct debit was really easy and vastly reduced the administration time associated with cheque production. A more recent move to direct debit for substantive applications by quoting the variable direct debit key account has again eliminated the overhead of cheques circulating around the building.”

What happens next?

We’ve been in touch with all our credit account holders about the closure of the facilities. Any customer with a query can either contact their customer team or our credit accounts team on 0300 006 6690.

We’re continuing to review the payment methods we offer as we recognise the need for fast and efficient ways to pay for our services, including online options.

This is particularly true as we increase the availability of our data and provide more of our services online.

Gavin Curry
By Gavin Curry,
Digital Communications and Editorial Officer at HM Land Registry