Stephanie Hill, Web Editor at her deskAs web content editor for Land Registry, I am responsible for editing content on GOV.UK. I worked on the transition of the old website to GOV.UK, and since then I’ve continued to work on improving its content. As a team we receive anonymous customer feedback and complaints that helps us to check broken links, missing or unclear information.

We also take into consideration other colleagues’ suggestions. For example Graham Farrant, our Chief Executive and Chief Land Registrar, suggested that we add a line at the top of all 88 forms asking customers to complete in black ink and block capitals. This will help processing in our scanning centre.

Every day I work with colleagues in Operations to update practice guides and forms on GOV.UK. I work with our Welsh translator Siwan and Welsh coordinator Eleri as the guides are also in Welsh. We’re improving the way people can use our practice guides.  We’re adding links to relevant forms and fees, and describing acronyms. I’m often in touch with Government Digital Service (GDS) for guidance on content or to get the best format for the customers.

On a typical day, I create mock-up of new pages for GOV.UK web pages.  I review and update existing content to match GOV.UK style. Currently one of my big projects is to improve the user journey with the portal training guides. We’re turning each of the 37 Portal training guides which are currently PDFs into web pages. The PDFs are not accessible for screen readers and other assisted digital tools. The new GOV.UK pages will be searchable and will also replace the YouTube videos. The new guides which include screen shots will be helpful, especially for people who can’t access the YouTube videos. I am drafting them with the help of Customer Contact Centre (CCC) colleagues who support customers who use portal.

At the end of the day I’m ready to head home, snapping pictures on my way to add to my Instagram profile. I pick up my sons, relax and disconnect until the next day!

Stephanie Hill
By Stephanie Hill,
Web content manager at HM Land Registry