Working as a team

The content on GOV.UK/land-registry gets fact-checked before it gets published and I don’t do this work alone. I’m part of the digital team, so other team members can add content and publish it. I love my team. It might sound cheesy but I do. My manager is always available for advice and support, our community manager is always brainstorming with us, and our digital data analyst has just joined us and is already learning all about land registration.

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We check each other’s work and also work closely with colleagues in legal, land registration, digital services, marketing, press team, customer and handling, to get the correct information online by:

  • Selecting the right format (should it be a guide or a publication?)
  • Checking facts (is it accurate and all the information clear?)
  • Editing plain English (can we improve the order or information and how the text reads?)
  • Making sure content is accessible (for example making sure tables have headers and title)

Our legal expert colleagues have always been updating our practice guides online. This month, more colleagues have been trained to add press releases and news stories by themselves. I’m here to support them and help them meet GOV.UK style guide, before I hit ‘publish’.

‘Private and confidential’

When I write this monthly blog, I choose something that stood out for me in the past weeks. For example, did you know that the priority of your postal applications and correspondence may be affected if you mark them as “Private and Confidential”. We’ve published a news story about this. We also reminded people to “Send your postal applications and correspondence to the correct address”.

I also look back at everything we published on GOV.UK in the past month, which include these usual updates:

  • Price Paid Data
  • Transaction Data
  • UK House Price Index
  • Transparency data information
  • Practice guides updates

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What we’re working on next:

  • reviewing our YouTube videos: until recently we have had over 100 videos on our channel and as we created new videos or web pages to replace some of them, we’re reviewing them all
  • looking at which one of our PDFs can become web pages: this is to help users find the information more easily and it also makes it faster for us to update a web page rather than a PDF

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Stephanie Hill
By Stephanie Hill,
Web content manager at HM Land Registry