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Improving forms information

I’m currently working on adding information about forms to help people identify the correct form. This is work in progress, but I’d like to share an example. On the Adverse possession: registration (ADV1) page, we will add the following information under ‘details’:

“You can use form ST1 to supply evidence required to support your application” in the details section, and add a link to form ST1.

This should help users identify other relevant forms before they submit their application to us.

Complete forms online

The other user journey I am looking to improve is the process of applying for our Business e-services. The various application forms will be live soon and will allow customers to complete them online (with an editable PDF).

We still require a ‘wet signature’, so users will need to print and submit by post, but being able to type in the content of the form on screen should help:

  • users fill in the forms more easily
  • Land Registry staff process the applications, with fewer mistakes in checking handwriting.

Stephanie Hill
By Stephanie Hill,
Web content manager at HM Land Registry