I’ve been working for many months on our new UK House Price Index (HPI). I’ve been publishing our existing House Price Index information for almost three years, so planning the new one with external stakeholders is a big change. So why the change? I quote:

“…there was scope to review the methods and sources being used and to make improvements that would provide users with a comprehensive UK HPI.” You can read the full article on the Office for National Statistics (ONS) website.

The first UK HPI will be published on 14 June this year. I’ve been working with ONS, Registers of Scotland, Land & Property Services Northern Ireland and colleagues here to plan being able to publish it on GOV.UK. This has involved lots of meetings to discuss the user needs and I’ve been in touch with the Government Digital Service to talk about the best content types (GOV.UK page formats) to use. Various users will be giving feedback to help improve the publication before June.


Comparison of new UK HPI annual growth with current measures, 1998-2011
Notes: Consistent annual growth only available for the current ONS HPI from 2002
Source: Office for National Statistics, Land Registry
Image credit: ONS

PDFs into web pages

We’re still working through the remaining PDFs on GOV.UK and changing them into web pages. This will make the content more accessible and easier to search and find. Last week, we published the ‘Land Registry Welsh glossary of legal terms’ as a web page. Our Welsh translator Siwan Sloman spotted a great mention in a Welsh lawyers tweet shortly afterwards, “Excellent guide for translating property law terms from English to Welsh (translated)”.

Remember each change we make on GOV.UK shows in the full page history eg our Application enquiry portal guide that was updated on the 4th of April.


Apart from web editing, I’m passionate about environmental issues. I just joined our Sustainability team for my office. We’ll be taking part in the save@work competition, a sustainability project to reduce carbon and utility costs in our office. So watch this space!


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What we’re working on next:

  • Continuing work on the new UK House Price Index
  • Improving our form’s information details to help reduce the number of applications we receive that are completed incorrectly
  • Update ‘our management’ and ‘publication scheme’ pages
  • User journey improvements from customer facing staff feedback

Stephanie Hill
By Stephanie Hill,
Web content manager at HM Land Registry