Every day I receive requests from colleagues to upload a new document on GOV.UK. For example, Freedom of Information disclosure log or a request to change a web page, for example, “We have added side notes to panels 2 and 10 to clarify that the transfer must be dated. That date being the day of completion” for our form Charge or portfolio of charges: transfer (TR4). Sometimes it’s a straight-forward update: login to GOV.UK, find the page, upload the document, save. Sometimes it takes more time.

Commercial services

We’ve been reviewing our commercial services content, to bring the information up to date. These types of reviews involve many colleagues across departments and can take a bit of time to get the text approved. As the digital team, we offer expertise in user journeys and plain English. Our colleagues offer expertise on the topic.

Take a look at our revised pages and find out more about the business and mortgage services we offer.



Like our Equality Report 2015, the UK House Price Index reports have tables, graphs and charts. I’ve been finding out from colleagues who use screen readers how to improve on the first report, for assisted digital users.

The new UK HPI launched on 14 June and the reports have bigger graphs than the ones published in the Equality Report 2015. It also has descriptive headers for tables. We’ve worked with the data team group and the graphic team to come up with a clearer format.

SH-switch-off-monitor-CROPPEDSave @ work

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, I joined our Sustainability team in Croydon office. One energy saving action I’ve been doing for years is switching off my monitors when I go to a meeting or go to lunch. Do you do it?

Stephanie Hill
By Stephanie Hill,
Web content manager at HM Land Registry