Pair writing

Pair writing from my desk, screen sharing documents with colleaguesAs a web editor, I don’t need to be a specialist in data or land registration but I need to work well with my colleagues who are expert in these topics. The best part of my job is discussing with colleagues how best to organise the information so that users have an easy online journey.

Working on text for our website sometimes involves pair writing. A few weeks ago, I attended a workshop on that topic at Government Digital Service (GDS) and practised writing with other authors on GOV.UK. I quote GDS: “Pair writing is an agile technique used by developers, to cross train and work better in teams. It usually, but not always, involves 2 people from different backgrounds writing together. And it can lead to great content.”

I realised that I’ve been doing pair writing without knowing it, but learnt some good tips to make the process better and easier.

Changing your organisation name

One of our most viewed pages on GOV.UK is about our business e-services. As part of our work to make information more accessible, I’ve updated one of our guides about “Changing your organisation name in the Land Registry portal”. Sometimes organisations change their name either as a result or a change of legal entity or because of re-branding. This change can affect their use of portal so the guide is an important one. Previously the guide was long (10 pages) with complex diagrams difficult to see online. I’ve rewritten and reorganised the information with the help of colleagues. Now the guide is four pages and much easier to understand.


At the end of April, we published our last last House Price Index (HPI) for England and Wales in its current format. Most of my time now is spent planning the new UK HPI with colleagues and stakeholders. The format will be different as it will no longer be a PDF but several web pages on GOV.UK. The new UK HPI will be published on 14 June.

Customer updates

In the past weeks, the Data Group also launched a free online Standard Report tool that offers aggregated open data on prices paid for properties sold in England and Wales.

We gave advanced notice to our customers of a change to our PO box and DX addresses.

What we’re working on next:

  • Continuing work on the new UK House Price Index, with the Data Group team
  • Planning our next Equality information report

Stephanie Hill
By Stephanie Hill,
Web content manager at HM Land Registry