Weymouth seafront by Susan Stow

Weymouth seafront by Susan Stow

This month the digital team left London for Weymouth. We went to work with the rest of the team located there, but also to present information about GOV.UK to colleagues who deal with external queries. We showed them how to:

We then highlighted the new content available about requisitions.

How to avoid requisitions

Approved AP1We published new web content about how to avoid requisitions. Our “guide 50: requisition and cancellation procedures” has been online since 2003, but we wanted to give more general advice to help conveyancers avoid requisitions.

We created guidance on the most common reasons for requisitions. We then decided to extract tips from each video and the page became too long. So I made a page per video containing tips, video and related practice guides. I also added the video into relevant practice guides. For example, I added the video about discharges to the practice guide 31: Discharge of charges.

Making content accessible

I was given a PDF “checklist: application for registered land” and following my learnings from the last GOV.UK conference, I added the same content as HTML to help make the content more accessibile.

Finally, I added a transcript of the videos on YouTube, where the length allowed it. For example, the text about ‘discharges’, for people who want to read the content of the video.

What we’re working on next:

  • Adding information about forms to help people identify the correct form to use
  • Map out user journeys to apply to our business e-services and create application forms that can be filled in online

Stephanie Hill
By Stephanie Hill,
Web content manager at HM Land Registry