This spring we plan to publish details of ownership information for land and property in England and Wales. All categories of ownership will be available apart from private individuals and overseas companies. Unlike previous releases, this dataset will be chargeable and governed by contractual terms, in order to maintain the sustainability of data releases.

We are committed to delivering even greater data transparency, to benefit the wider economy. This has resulted in five significant datasets being published over the last twelve months

Try before you buy

Prior to the official launch a new initiative will enable you to ‘try before you buy’. You can request a sample of the (Northampton postcode) dataset free of charge, for evaluation and test purposes over a six week period. However the data cannot be used to develop products or prototypes for external or general viewing.

We will supply the data as a zipped CSV file, along with a Data Items Catalogue to help you understand some of the content.

Information available in sample dataset

The dataset includes addresses with administrative areas, title numbers, tenure, names and correspondence addresses for:

  • Housing Associations/Societies
  • County Councils
  • Local Authorities
  • Industrial and Provident Societies
  • Limited Companies and PLCs
  • Corporate bodies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships

The release of this data is a significant step forward, enabling even greater access to one of our most interesting and valuable datasets. We hope this data will create an array of opportunities for both social and economic ventures, which benefit the wider community.

For more information on this and other planned releases, please contact our Business Development team at commercial.services@landregistry.gov.uk.

Read more information about our commercial and corporate ownership data.

Jackie Lynch
By Jackie Lynch,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry