Teams presenting their solution to the audience

Teams presenting their solution to the audience

As part of the Education Open Data Challenge, Land Registry was asked to provide an overview of our open data to teams at a Creation Weekend. Run by NESTA and the Open Data Institute, the challenge brought together teams interested in using data to create products to help parents make informed decisions about their children’s education. This focused on three key areas:

  • expressing a preference for a school;
  • choosing a subject or other learning priorities; and
  • engaging with their children’s learning.

Schools are often cited as a key factor when moving house, so parents can potentially use our Price Paid Data and House Price Index as intelligence to make an informed decision.

Representing Land Registry, Lorna Toman, Product Manager, explained the different types of open data available on our website. She said: “As you can imagine, it was difficult to get all of this across in a quick session but teams were very interested in the data as they had not realised everything that was available and how they could make use over the weekend”.

“It was also nice to see Illustreets taking part in the event as they had recently submitted a guest blog about our data and were in fact using it as part of their idea. While it wasn’t what the day was about, it was great to see teams exploring uses of our data and how it can potentially create solutions for parents.”

Running order

Teams had four minutes each to pitch their ideas to five judges from Nesta, ODI, Restart-ed, Haringey Council and RM Education

At the end of the weekend, three finalists were chosen; @up_reach, @SkillsRoute and @illustreets. Their ideas now move into an incubation period and receive £5,000 funding, tailored support and an offer to apply for the Open Data Institute’s start-up programme to refine the product. An overall finalist will be announced in June with a grand prize of £50,000.

If you’d like further information then contact or follow them on Twitter @odchallenges. Also, see their Storify for more images of the day.

Duncan Keary
By Duncan Keary,
Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry