As you prepare to indulge in a bit of chocolate this weekend, spare a thought for our friend, the Easter Bunny.

The first Easter Bunny legend was in the 1500s and the first story about a rabbit laying eggs and hiding them in the garden was published in 1680. We have only really been able to keep track of him since 1862.

He’s always liked to keep a low profile, and though we don’t think he has ever registered a property under his real name there is speculation about whether he used a pseudonym, perhaps as Mr. Hare who appears in some of our earliest registers?

He’s a personable, jolly chap, but a little on the forgetful side. Over the intervening 150 years, he has hopped about a fair bit so no wonder that he can forget where he has hidden his eggs. As a regular customer, he has signed up for Business e-services and this year we have made it even easier for him to find his egg stash, using our new MapSearch tool. More subtle than a signpost I’m sure you’ll agree. If you are a Business e-services user and interested in identifying your own basket, why not have a look at MapSearch.

MapSearch bunny

Of course, not everyone is always happy to see the Easter Bunny on their property especially if he’s digging up their garden or looking for somewhere to hide his eggs. Mr McGregor especially dislikes rabbits as we know and he might be keeping an eye on his property with Property Alert, just in case the Easter Bunny takes an interest in his vegetable patch, of course.

By AdamH,
Customer Service Representative at HM Land Registry Head Office