Photo credit David Waistell

We are proud to support National Nest Box Week 14 to 21 February.

British Trust for Ornithology has organised and run the week since 1997. They want to encourage enthusiastic naturalists across the UK to put up nesting boxes to compensate for the loss of natural habitat and to promote and enhance the biodiversity and conservation of our breeding birds and wildlife.

There are around 5 to 6 million boxes in gardens across the UK already.

Land Registry is encouraging our local offices to purchase and to put 20 boxes up to support the week. We’ve already identified 6 locations that are keen to take part and are waiting for the boxes to arrive to get started.

tommy-bolden-205We’re already working hard to promote and enhance the surroundings at all our sites. Our grounds are already managed and maintained to improve biodiversity and encouraging more birds will contribute to the goals in our biodiversity plan.

We really hope the nesting boxes will be well used and look forward to seeing the new chicks later in the year!

We would like to thank the British Trust for Ornithology for the photos.

Clare Murray
By Clare Murray,
Internal Communication Co-ordinator at HM Land Registry