Row of houses

Ever had that moment when you’ve thought “If only I could find out who owns that property/piece of land”? By using our data, you can.

Here’s an example:

A family desperately wanted to live in a particular area of London, but couldn’t afford any of the properties that came onto the market, so they decided to try a different approach. They began by looking for derelict houses and plots of land in their preferred area, then checked our website to find out who the owners were. They then wrote to the owners to ask if they could buy the land. Eventually, they struck lucky! One of the recipients of the letters who owned some semi-derelict garages got back to them. Fast forward a few years and several £100,000s, and the family now own a house built on the land where the garages used to be, in their dream location.

What you need

If you want to find out the owner of a property, you’ll need:

  • The postcode
  • The house name or number

If the property is registered, and we have the details, you can buy a copy of the title register (proof of ownership) for £3.00. This will tell you who the owners are. See more information about our Find a property service.

If you don’t have an address, you’ll need to use our aerial land locator.

Land Registry only has information about registered land and property in England and Wales which accounts for around 87%. If the property is unregistered, see our previous blog for tips on how to track the owner down.

House price information

Whether through idle curiosity, neighbourly nosiness or a desire to buy a property, most of us would like to know what a property in a particular area last sold for. You can find this out for free by using our Price Paid Data tool.

Our data includes transactions going back to 1995.

Happy searching!

Jessica Prasad
By Jessica Prasad,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry