If you have ever used Google Maps to view a street or house, Land Registry’s INSPIRE Index Polygons may interest you.

Introduced in November 2011 as a view service under an EU Directive, our INSPIRE Index Polygons allow you to locate registered freehold land and property in England and Wales. Each ‘polygon’ is the indicative legal boundary of a parcel of registered freehold land, on an extract of the Ordnance Survey map with a unique identification (ID) number.

INSPIRE Index Polygons may not have the global reach of Google Maps, but it certainly packs a punch when you use the unique ID number to access registered details through our Find a Property service. Through Find a Property you can purchase an array of useful information, like the legal ownership details of that perfect property or piece of land.

The flexibility of our INSPIRE Index Polygons means you can view the polygons online, or download predefined pots of data free of charge. Using a geographic information system (GIS), you can view downloaded INSPIRE Index Polygons within your own mapping system.

The downloadable data is divided into ‘pots’, with over 21 million polygons covering every local authority area in England and Wales. You can compare and contrast our data with other information like transport networks or flood risk areas. This information has been used by academics, developers and policy makers to name a few, for analytical purposes or to inform decision making and assist planning.

We will all use information based on location or land at one point or another, for example when buying a house or researching an area. Indeed land/location information underpins over 80% of our public sector services, covering aspects like planning for communities, environment, health, education, construction, transport and crime prevention. So if you haven’t already used it why not try it today.

For more information visit INSPIRE Index Polygons.

Jackie Lynch
By Jackie Lynch,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry