We recently announced our new change programme LR Connect which continues our journey to becoming a digital organisation. Part of this journey is to prepare for our digital future by making changes to our existing systems, structures and processes.

We are changing how we handle paper applications. We will scan some paper applications (including associated documents) related to properties already registered with us as soon as we receive them. Up until now, we scanned paper applications after we had completed registration.

This new front-end scanning will not apply to First Registrations – we will continue to process these applications as we do at the moment.

Scanning applications when we receive them will help us handle applications more efficiently and greatly increase our flexibility. It will be much easier to direct work to the best place to process it.

Part of the change involves redirecting post to our scanning centre, and like all change, this may cause some disruption. In most cases Royal Mail and DX don’t guarantee their delivery times and the redirect we have introduced may mean that items sent to us in the post could take slightly longer to reach us (up to a day).

You can ensure your postal applications retain daylist priority by applying for the appropriate protection, such as an official search. If you need to confirm that we have received your postal application, you can make a free daylist enquiry in the portal.

There are electronic alternatives for nearly everything you do with us by post. You can:

We appreciate your patience and flexibility through this period of change. Front-end scanning will help us to prepare ourselves for the new digital services we are developing from the ground up. These new services, which are being built around our users’ needs, will make it easier and more efficient for our customers to interact with us in the future.

Antony Hart
By Antony Hart,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry