One of the reasons I applied for an apprenticeship at Land Registry was due to my previous experience within the public sector (working for the NHS) and volunteering at the Citizens Advice bureau. I gained a sense of fulfilment from being part of a public sector organisation, focusing on making a difference to people’s lives in the UK. I also live in Croydon, so the commute is quite easy for me and always a benefit!

When I came across the job advert, it caught my attention straight away. With properties being such an important part of the economy and peoples’ livelihood all over the country, I knew I would be doing an important job. I felt it would be a great experience and a kick-start to my career in the civil service. I liked the idea of being able to help protect people’s rights and their properties from fraud, whilst developing my own skills and securing a BTEC level 3 Diploma.

Apprentice Luke Ellis at work

When I started the application process, I found it quite clear and understood the values, skills and experience they were looking for. To help prepare myself I did some more research into Land Registry through their website and their blog. I found this very insightful for knowing what to expect during the first few months of the apprenticeship.

Once I got past the first stage of the application process, I was then invited to attend an interview. I was told there would be a face-to-face interview with a panel of two experienced caseworkers and a mini-group exercise with a group presentation around customer service. Although I was nervous thinking about the interview, once I got there I found myself in a friendly environment helping me to relax and be myself around others. I also realised we were all in the same boat!

So far, since being here, I have had inductions on many aspects of Land Registry. Such as processing applications involving discharges, charges and restrictions. I now understand it’s simply not just buying a house and signing a contract, a lot more processes and procedures to follow behind the scenes at Land Registry. I am able to see the big picture.

At first, it seemed overwhelming with several aspects to take into account. However, with your whole team being new to the job too, there isn’t a rush to know everything, it’s all about taking time to understand the processes before taking a hands-on approach. There is also a number of experienced staff members floating around to guide into the right direction and check I’m on the right track. (So far no major derailments, watch this space!) I’m very appreciative of this because their support has enabled me to feel comfortable and confident to process applications.

I’m very much looking forward to processing transfers, understanding how such a large organisation operates, working on my personal development and starting my BTEC. I’m also keen to go along to the socials after work!

Luke Ellis
By Luke Ellis,
Apprentice caseworker at HM Land Registry