As the digital age moves forward, it’s given us the opportunity to look at how our customer training suits the future, and how people seek out information they require.

One of the main advances in this digital age is how YouTube has transformed training, offering short bite-size videos as and when people require, where everything you want to know is only a quick search away.

The HM Land Registry YouTube channel will be home to the tutorials for customers looking for help with Business e-services. This new medium has proven a challenge, as the original training modules simply wouldn’t work in their current format. To provide short bite-size snippets of training meant going back to the drawing board and redesigning them from scratch. We had to ask what the customer would expect to be told and what isn’t required, while bearing in mind what is and what isn’t possible to deliver. It has involved acquiring brand new software to help with the creation of these, understanding and implementing new processes and conquering many steep learning curves.

HM Land Registry on YouTube

HM Land Registry on YouTube

The training has been transformed into short videos that demonstrate what you need to know, and where to find more information. Each video also has audio commentary that guides the customer through the process, ensuring that each stage is demonstrated clearly. The customer is able to pause, rewind and fast forward the videos with ease to find a particular section they want help on, and with them being hosted on YouTube they are accessible whenever the customer requires them, in the office or on the move.

More videos will gradually be added to the HM Land Registry YouTube channel and will cover all the main areas customers look for, from how to make an e-DRS application to how to make a search of the Index Map. The new video tutorials will give customers the freedom to learn and navigate the features available in the portal whenever they require it, in an easily accessible format, offering the flexible learning opportunities that the digital provides.

Visit the HM Land Registry channel on YouTube, and don’t forget to subscribe so you will know when new videos are added.

Louise Howe
By Louise Howe,
Digital Service Delivery communications at HM Land Registry