Land Registry works with ODI

Land Registry is now a proud member of the Open Data Institute (ODI) – joining like-minded organisations from business, the public sector and academia.

Our membership opens up a series of opportunities to discover the true value of our data. Through collaboration we hope to develop fresh ways of helping our customers unlock its commercial and social value.

Founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt in 2012, the ODI aims to become a world leading centre that researches, innovates and exploits data opportunities. By encouraging open standards, open licences and open source software whenever reasonable it is creating an open data culture across sectors.

We intend to make best use of the many benefits our membership offers, learning from world experts at seminars and tapping into technical, business and academic learning. Harnessing this collective knowledge will enable us to find out more about start-up companies – such as their needs, capabilities and business ideas and how we can help them.

We believe we have an excellent contribution to make to the institution through the publication of our data and best practice advice. We look forward to developing closer relationships that challenge us to improve the way we deliver value through our data releases.

Jackie Lynch
By Jackie Lynch,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry