Land Registry has ‘open linked data’ in sight, as we move to improve the way our data is transferred into knowledge.

As a member of the Public Data Group we are committed to releasing our data in an open and accessible format. In March 2012 we released the monthly price paid data in txt and csv formats. It was then released as a 4* linked dataset as defined by W3C in January 2013, along with our transaction data. This enhancement enabled both datasets to be connected and shared more easily.

Since then two further datasets have been made available as open data with continued enhancements planned.

House Price Index (HPI)

We released House Price Index (HPI) background tables in excel, csv and linked data formats. This dataset contains the HPI figures for England and Wales and comprises in the region of 600,000 data items. Our next step is to extend this dataset to include house type data and incorporate links to other datasets used to identify geographic areas.

June 2013 House Price Index - Price change by county

June 2013 House Price Index – Price change by county

Historic price paid data

Phase 1 of the historic price paid data (2009 to 2012) was released in excel, csv and linked data formats in July 2013. In November the remaining data (1995 to 2008) will be released. At this time you will have access to more than 18.5 million transactions, in a dataset containing in excess of 400 million data items.

We also plan to make the following changes to our linked data offering in the coming year.

  • Improve the landing page and provide more extensive documentation including data models for the published data stores.
  • Provide a mechanism for customers to search the HPI data by region.
  • Provide more example queries.
  • Amend the SPARQL form so it no longer uses POST by default.
  • Add links to external sources, such as Ordnance Survey, and improve internal links for Land Registry published data.

We are committed to improving the accessibility of our data so you can access it in a way that best suits your needs. This may be through downloaded files or SPARQL queries. We recently updated our DATA.GOV.UK pages to provide you with even more information on our available data and how you can access it.

Jackie Lynch
By Jackie Lynch,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry