Inside Government produced a remarkable line-up of senior professionals at The future of open data in the public sector event. Thirteen speakers from the public sector, data community, a think tank and charity shared details of their organisations’ relationship with data with more than 70 delegates.

Over recent years a new era of transparency has led to the unleashing of an open data revolution. Organisations like the Open Data User Group (ODUG), Open Data Institute (ODI) and Public Data Group (PDG) have championed the release of public sector data on behalf of the Government. Supported by organisations like Inside Government, the main issues are brought into a public forum for discussion and debate.

Members of the public, entrepreneurs, organisations and businesses now have an opportunity to use the data for commercial and non-commercial purposes. A speaker from NHS England shared how GP prescriptions, mortality rates and obesity levels have been plotted on the UK map.  This information helps policy makers to identify potential areas of saving, training needs and nutritional deficiencies across the country, allowing resources to be effectively allocated.

Ed-150pxEddie Davies, Commercial & Customer Strategy Director, and Debbie Coburn, Senior Data Architect, shared the Land Registry data story from a supplier’s perspective. With a history spanning more than 150 years, helping the organisation understand the value of register information had been critical, they said. Turning that information into useful datasets that customers can use to create novel applications, products and services was the next challenge.

Eddie and Debbie shared details of Land Registry’s journey over the last five years, plotting system changes, customer engagement and data publications. They told the delegates that the organisation was on a cultural journey, steadily moving from a pure registration focus to becoming a registration and data management organisation. Mark Braggins of Hampshire County Council, captured the overall impression of their presentation in his tweet “impressive talk and overview of Land Registry’s data publication”. As Land Registry ambassadors Eddie and Debbie successfully reinforced our visionary position as a world leader of property data management.

Jackie Lynch
By Jackie Lynch,
Senior Communications Officer at HM Land Registry