I am excited to be leading a co-located team researching and developing the next generation of digital Land Registration Services that aim to make buying and selling land and property more transparent and easier for all. This work is a key part of our journey to become a digital organisation through our LR Connect programme.

These digital services will be developed from the ground up, designed around our users’ needs.

We have commenced prototype development and are now testing these prototypes with some of our customers. These prototypes include proposed designs for a fully digital sale and purchase transaction as well as some redesigned register information products.


User understanding is one of the most important factors when creating a new digital service. We are already working with a broad selection of users, including our customers, stakeholders, and staff, to understand their needs and gain valuable insight to inform our new services, making sure those needs are met through the features we’ll develop.

From early 2015 our team of HM Land Registry specialist roles, working with Government Digital Service colleagues, aim to have one or two digital products ready to test with invited customers. These will be beta products and services, agile developments with very frequent sprints of software changes as customers, users and stakeholders help us to quickly learn, improve and change any new service in partnership.

We know we have a great deal of listening and rethinking ahead, and that any prototypes we show our customers during our initial research are likely to be very different to those we take forward into a beta service to test with customers in more detail.

If you’d like to join our user group and help us explore the next generation of HM Land Registry services please email or tweet @HMLandRegistry #LRConnect.

Angela Jackson
By Angela Jackson,
Digital Service Manager at HM Land Registry