Land Registry is moving to GOV.UK

Land Registry is one of more than 300 agencies and arm’s length bodies moving to the single government website, GOV.UK. This move will facilitate easy access and consistency across your interaction with government online. The process was initially recommended by Martha Lane Fox in her report in November 2010.

Here at the Land Registry digital team, we have been working with Government Digital Service (GDS) for a few months, analysing exactly what you as a customer currently do on our website and how we can best provide our content in future.

This means that similar pages will be merged, lengthy pages rewritten and we’ll be ensuring that Plain English continues to be used throughout. Every new page will only exist if there is a customer requirement, indeed content can’t be added to our new streamlined site without belonging to a ‘user need’. For example the three statements that have been echoing around our office:

  • As a person interested in a property
  • I need to check the register
  • So that I know who owns the property

Each new page will then be categorised and tagged to ensure it is discoverable within the wider GOV.UK site and our team have been on GDS training courses so that our content aligns well within the wider remit of the website. Land Registry content will therefore be in the same style as that created by other government departments such as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, Ministry of Justice etc.

We are currently at the allocation stage, whereby we will look at all the data collected so far and decide which pages are transitioning (yes, it is a verb now), which are archived, which need rewriting and so on. This week we are also starting to create sections on our new home at GOV.UK.

What does this mean for you?

The content on will remain largely as it is until we ‘flick the switch’ and our existing URLS (web links) will then take you to our site on GOV.UK. Don’t worry if you are using bookmarks for example, these will direct you to the appropriate place on GOV.UK to find your content.

Over the course of the next few weeks, you may see similar content on our existing site as well as on GOV.UK. We’re not adopting a ‘big bang’ approach, but moving over slowly and surely. This way we ensure that there will always be a full site for you to use and our customer service are able to advise appropriately.

Our transactional site will remain as is for the time being. So if you are a portal user only, you’ll not notice any difference.

Our blog will continue to supply information and product news in order for you to keep up-to-date on our move to GOV.UK. This will also provide you with the opportunity to express your point of view on a range of topics and services.

Tim Buick
By Tim Buick,
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at HM Land Registry